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Gang Intervention Community Outreach Program

OPERATIONS CENTER - 4440 Brown St., Dallas, Texas 75219


Mission Statement: We are able to offer alternatives to gangs, to promote a unity of caring by addressing social and economic conditions that contribute to gang involvement. In addition the goals and objectives of GI COP is to reduce the number of youth joining gangs and or becoming involved in gang activities while fostering an appreciation of school, family and the community. Partnering with VSO (Veterans Service Organization) combines the mentoring and role models to the youth creating strong bonds by collaboration in both services in the community to give strong role models for those needing direction in their lives.'



The VSO (Veterans Service Organization) is located in 17 states assisting homeless veterans and their primary goal is to reduce the number of homeless veterans in the United States. VSO also supports services that will rebuild self-esteem, provide job assistance and help transition the veteran into a self-sufficient and productive member of society.

The VSO website is located attheveteranssupport.org


Leroy Quigg, CEO & Founder
4440 Brown Street
Dallas, Tx. 75219
email: LeroyQuigg@GICOP.org

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